Monday, January 4, 2016

Grading offline assessments with Flubaroo

I love Flubaroo, the Google Forms and Sheets Add-on that lets you correct online assessments. You set up a Google Form as your assessment. You install the Add-on to your form results page, and the assessment is graded automatically.

But not all tests can be online. I have realized the value of Flubaroo with tests I have to give my students on paper. For example, we take AIMSweb benchmark assessments three times a year. Instead of creating a form for students to fill out,  I created a Google Form to record their scores.

  1. I create a form with the first question a pulldown list of my students' names. I only have to do this once as I make a copy of the first form I created keeping me from having to repeatedly type in student names.
  2. All other entries are numbered to correspond with the paper questions. The help text is the correct answer to each question.
  3. Each test question has three possible choices: correct, incorrect, did not attempt. 
  4. If the test is multiple pages, I add page breaks to match the paper version.
  5. I record the KEY for my Flubaroo scoring. All you have to do is mark is mark CORRECT for each question.
  6. I use the form to record each students' answers.
  7. I set up the Flubaroo Add-on. With our AIMSweb math assessments, questions were weighted differently. I set this up just once, and all students' scores are tabulated automatically.

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