Sunday, January 3, 2016

Add + to your Google Apps for Education email address for signups and junk

I hate junk mail, and our current district email system does a poor job of filtering any of it. This is why I am excited for our district's transition to Google Apps for Education. Google does a better job of filtering junk mail, but it's still not perfect.

For years, I have used the + symbol to filter out accounts I sign up for. The idea is simple if your email is the following:

Add a plus to your email address like this:

That way I can create a filter in my inbox. Perhaps I don't want my book club email to go into my main inbox but to go into a special folder instead. I can also see if  A1 Book Club is selling my email address to others. Of course this is just an example, you can add anything after the + to help you understand where this email is coming from.

As a teacher, I am always signing up for freebies, promotions,  etc, but I don't care for the email that comes to my inbox after doing so. After doing some tests, I have learned that the above email conventions works for Google Education email as well.

Bye bye unwanted email.

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